LIVE am 16.02.2019: Säye Skye + Loop Motor

Säye Skye is a transgender Iranian rap artist and LGBTQ rights activist at the forefront of a new hip-hop
movement that has its basis in social consciousness.

With astonishing originality, his experimental raps
challenge deep-rooted stereotypes of misogyny, discrimination, and queerphobia. Since age 13, he has
been crafting songs and poems that resonate deeply with people, using music as a platform for communicating truth. Säye Skye’s work is distinguished by both its mystery and infectious energy. Using the poetic language of Farsi, each song elicits an instant audience connection through its passion and pulse. From its unpredictable flow and hypnotic rhythms to its evocative lyrics, Säye Skye’s work invites listeners to question their current state of being.

Säye Skye is the first person in Iran’s history to dare sing about the LGBTQ community, their existence and
their protracted struggle for freedom. In 2009, he recorded and released his first single in Iran, Säye Yek Zane Irani (Shadow of an Iranian Woman). As a queer artist, he was consequently put at great risk for singing and advocating for LGBTQ rights through his music. In 2010, Säye Skye was forced to leave his home and seek asylum in Turkey, where he was granted refugee status, and moved thereafter to Toronto in March 2011.

Säye Skye is currently collaborating with acclaimed German producers and singers on the release of his first EP.

Loop Motor – Mouth-made electronic music

One mouth, one voice and a loop station – this is Loop Motor. The live loop artist continuously beatboxes, raps and samples herself. By doing so, she creates music seemingly electronic but coming from only one source – her mouth. 100% live on stage Hip Hop, Neo Soul, Dub Step and Drum’n’Bass are created. She sends her beatbox, vocal basslines and harmonies through effect pedals, producing massive tracks to dance to.

This event is sponsored by the Kulturamt Bielefeld.